Create Mesmerizing Snow FX with the Solstice Modular Snow System

Create Mesmerizing Snow FX with the Solstice Modular Snow System

Creating stunning snow effects can be a mystical addition to any environment. Whether you're working on a holiday-themed production, a winter wedding, or want to add a touch of enchantment to your event, here are some tips and techniques to help you achieve captivating snow effects.

  1. Machine Selection

When creating snow FX, choosing a suitable machine is essential. The Solstice and Solstice Pro are top-notch options offering modular setups. The compact Solstice Snow machine comes equipped with an adjustable output arm, a 5L fluid container, and can be flown from a truss by replacing the handles with mounting brackets. The Solstice Pro is protected by a rugged road case that holds 20L of snow fluid and a noise-reducing top, perfect for quieter events. Not only does it include a convenient 30ft hose extension, but also a mounting bracket for remote positioning. And if that's not enough, you can even add an extra 30ft hose to extend the snow output up to a whopping 60ft away! The best part is that these systems are interchangeable, providing flexibility for any space and noise requirements.

  1. Fluid Choice

Choosing the right snow fluid is crucial for achieving the desired snow FX effect. Master FX offers two great options: Dry Snow Fluid and Ultra Dry Snow Fluid. The Dry snow fluid it ideal for outdoor glistening effects and outdoor environments where humidity is a factor. The Ultra Dry Snow Formula is perfect for creating tiny, thin snowflakes that quickly evaporate. It's great for spaces with limited height as the flakes dissipate into the air before reaching the ground.

  1. Machine Positioning and Settings

Machine positioning is key to achieving a mesmerizing snow effect. The general rule is the higher the output, the better. This increases the spread distance and prolongs the effect, as it takes more time for the snow to reach the ground. Remember, when using snow FX outdoors, always position your output with the wind for a natural effect. For indoor settings that require more coverage, consider using multiple snow machines or the Force 8 dynamic FX Fan to increase the speed, spread, and distance of the snowflakes. The Force 8 dynamic FX Fan is a fantastic addition to enhance the spread and distance of the snow. You can even replace its handles with two Solstice snow machine outputs for a spectacular winter display. The Solstice and Solstice Pro are the only Snow machines on the market to offer two integrated presets, "light flurries" and "snowfall," for quick and easy effects. You can also get creative with manual mode, adjusting flake size and output distance to suit your specific needs.

  1. Snow Machine Maintenance

Snow is often a seasonal effect, so it's essential to maintain your snow machine. Prevent clogging of fluid lines and pumps by using Master FX's snow machine stabilizer fluid for a quick purge cycle before storing it. This simple process will help extend the life of your machine. you can check out our quick tutorial on the process here.

  1. Snow Safety

While creating a winter wonderland, it's important to prioritize safety. Be mindful of excess snow output, which can lead to thick and heavy flakes falling to the ground. This may create slipping hazards, especially on smooth surfaces. Avoid having snow land in high-traffic areas. For confined spaces, choose the ultra-dry snow fluid for quick and safe dissipation.

Snow FX can bring a touch of magic to any event or production. The Solstice and Solstice Pro, paired with Master FX snow fluids, are the perfect tools to bring your winter dreams to life. If you need more information or assistance in creating captivating winter wonders, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our FX specialists. We're always happy to help.