Introducing the Mystic Premiere Haze Generator by Master FX

Introducing the Mystic Premiere Haze Generator by Master FX

After years of meticulous development and fine-tuning, Master FX is proud to unveil the Mystic Premiere Haze Generator. As the third machine in our expanding lineup, the Mystic marks a significant milestone in our journey, signaling growth and exciting innovations on the horizon.

The Mystic stands out with its unique and sleek design, making it instantly recognizable. Its compact form factor, combined with an external fluid container equipped with quick disconnects, ensures easy refilling and hassle-free transportation. This thoughtful design prioritizes convenience without sacrificing performance.

One of the Mystic's standout features is its dual fluid options, a first in the hazer market. Users can select between Nebulous thin density haze or Obscure thick density haze, providing unparalleled versatility. Coupled with 1-100% variable haze output and fan control, the Mystic offers a range of effects to suit any need.

Master FX has equipped the Mystic with the largest internal fan found in a water-based hazer. This ensures exceptional output and fine haze particles, eliminating the need for an external fan and guaranteeing consistent performance.

To underscore our commitment to quality, the Mystic comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty, far surpassing the competition. This extensive warranty reflects our confidence in the Mystic's durability and performance.

Set to redefine standards for water-based haze, the Mystic Premiere Haze Generator is a testament to Master FX's dedication to innovation and excellence. With its blend of cutting-edge features and robust design, the Mystic is poised to become the new benchmark for haze machines.

Experience the future of haze generation with the Mystic and see why it sets a new precedent for quality, durability, and performance.


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