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Will Fog and Haze Set Off Smoke Detectors?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Yes, BUT, there are some ways to avoid it! Join Ryan as he breaks down the different types of smoke detectors and how to avoid setting them off.


Achieving an even canvas of haze can be daunting, but the fx specialists at Master FX are here to help. Join Vince and Ryan as they cover the essential steps, tips, and techniques to create the perfect haze effect.

Water Based Haze vs. Oil Based Haze

In this episode of FX Forum, Ryan covers the classic debate between Water-Based Haze and Oil-Based Haze. Because there are pros and cons to each, we broke it down into 5 categories to help narrow it down.

- Appearance
- Hang-Time
- Cleanliness
- Breathability
- Cost

Which one will come out victorious?!

What's the Difference Between Fog and Haze?

What is the difference between Fog and Haze? How are they made? In this video, Ryan breaks down the similarities and differences and helps you determine which one is better for your production.