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Mystic 2


Welcome to the Next Generation Mystic 2.

With 3x the performance capability of the previous generation, Mystic 2 boasts an atmosphere you must see and feel to believe. The new supercharged fan and improved heating technology creates a Haze for Daze.

Our intuitive operating system was designed with intention, resulting in more efficient navigation and quick adjustments.

The integrated voltage detection, low fluid shut-off, and refined “intelligent sleep mode” have enhanced dependability and increased long-term performance. Combining that with RDM functionality and two fluid densities, The Mystic 2 offers more options than any other hazer.

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  • In Stock, Ready to Rock 🤘

1500 W / 120V / 12.5 Amps
Voltage Detection
Dust & Moisture Resistant Touch Screen
Intuitive Operating System
10 Year Warranty
RDM Functionality
Standby Mode
5L Fluid Tank
50 Second Warm-Up
5-pin Neutrik DMX (3ch: Haze, Fan, Power)
Integrated Timer
Continuous Output
No CO2 Required
Directional Output
Automatic Self Cleaning
11in L x 12.75in W x 13.75in H (without fluid cage)
17in L x 12.75in W x 13.75in H (with fluid cage)
Haze Color: Pure White
ETL Listed: Certified to CSA STD C22.2# 104


100% Output = 5L in 6.4 hrs (0.2GPH)

75% Output = 5L in 8.33 hrs (0.16GPH)

50% Output = 5L in 11.9 hrs  (0.11 GPH)

25% Output = 5L in 20.8 hrs or (0.063GPH)


100% Output = 5L in 5.5hrs (0.23GPH)

75% Output = 5L in 6.9hrs  (0.19GPH)

50% Output = 5L in 10.4hrs  (0.12GPH)

25% Output = 5L in 16.6hrs (0.079GPH)

*GPH = Gallons per hour

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10 year warranty

You read that right, we've got you covered for the next decade.

Customizable Presets

The Mystic 2 is equipped with 2 customizable presets, "Light Haze" and "Haze for Daze"


Certified to CSA STD C22.2# 104

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with next-level precision

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