Master FX Unveils the Atlas Advanced LED Fog Generator

Master FX Unveils the Atlas Advanced LED Fog Generator

Master FX continues to push the boundaries of innovation with the release of the Atlas Advanced LED Fog Generator, the fourth machine in our ever-growing lineup. Building on the reliability and success of our previous machines, the Atlas marks a significant milestone in our journey, introducing a revolutionary approach to fog generation.

The Atlas is a unique upshot fog generator designed for versatility and impact. Its ability to be mounted in any direction, including upside down, showcases its adaptability. When mounted upside down, the fluid cage can be easily reversed, ensuring seamless operation regardless of its orientation.

Equipped with dual high-intensity pumps, the Atlas delivers instant fog plumes reaching up to 50 feet, creating breathtaking visual effects. The dual solenoids ensure an instant off, leaving no residual fog or moisture at the output, a feature that underscores the machine's precision and efficiency.

One of the standout features of the Atlas is its ability to emulate CO2 effects, offering a similar dramatic impact but at a fraction of the cost. This ingenuity makes it an excellent choice for those seeking high-impact effects without the high price tag.

Adding to its versatility, the Atlas is equipped with 30x 10W RGBAW LEDs, providing limitless color options. These LEDs can be controlled all at once with a 10-channel DMX profile or divided into three zones with a 20-channel DMX profile, allowing for intricate and dynamic lighting designs.

The Atlas's low-profile form factor makes it ideal for discreet placements, enhancing its ability to create awe-inspiring effects without drawing attention to the machinery itself. This design ensures that the focus remains on the stunning visual impact it delivers.

Backed by a 3-year warranty, the Atlas Advanced LED Fog Generator exemplifies Master FX's commitment to quality, durability, and innovation. It is more than just a fog machine; it is a tool for creating unforgettable moments and captivating experiences.

Experience the cutting-edge technology and breathtaking effects of the Atlas and see why it sets a new standard for fog generation. With the Atlas, Master FX continues to lead the way in creating magical and memorable environments.

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