Mystic Mini Tour Package
Mystic Mini Tour Package
Mystic Mini Tour Package
Mystic Mini Tour Package

Mystic Mini Tour Package


Introducing a hazer as powerful as it is portable; the Mystic Mini Tour Package

Don’t let its size fool you; the small but mighty Mystic Mini packs an astonishing output complemented by our new advanced heating technology, all at a fractional size of the original Mystic. With multiple fluid densities and integrated presets, there is nothing the Mystic Mini can’t handle. Set it down, start it up, and get to work – anytime, anywhere.

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  • In Stock, Ready to Rock 🤘

1000 W / 120V / 8.5 Amps
2x Integrated Presets: “Light Haze” and “Haze for Daze”
5 Year Warranty
Voltage Detection
Low Fluid Sensor
RDM Functionality
2.5L Fluid Tank
Quick Disconnect Fluid Tank
50 Second Warm-Up
Neutrik Powercon True1
5-pin Neutrik DMX
Integrated Timer
No CO2 Required
Directional Output
Automatic Self Cleaning
7in L x 10in W x 10in H without fluid cage
12.5in L x 10in W x 10in H with fluid cage
Haze Color: Pure White
ETL Listed: Certified to CSA STD C22.2# 104


100% Output = 2.5L in 5.2 hrs (0.13GPH)

75% Output = 2.5L in 5.9hrs (0.11GPH)

50% Output=  2.5L in 8.3hrs (0.08GPH)

25% Output = 2.5L in 13.9hrs (0.047 GPH)


100% Output = 2.5L in 3.5 Hrs (0.19 GPH)

75% Output = 2.5L in 4.6 hrs (0.14GPH)

50% Output = 2.5L in 6.9 hrs (0.095 GPH)

25% Output = 2.5L in 13.9 hrs (0.047 GPH)

*GPH = Gallons per hour

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5 year warranty

We've got you back with a 5 year warranty on all maintenance.

Customizable Presets

The Mystic Mini is equipped with 2 customizable presets, "Light Haze" and "Haze for Daze".


Certified to CSA STD C22.2# 104

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